The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 11

Let the Festivities Begin


The party found themselves outside of a small settlement, celebrating the Spring Harvest Festival. Lander, seeing the opportunity to dart off on his own, decided to take the time to open the lockbox he so graciously gifted himself from the Wayfarer’s Inn. Releasing the spring and pins in the complex lock mechanism, he was greeted with a large collection of coins and gems, upon which he began to stow among his person. He regrouped with his companions.

The party entered into the Harvest Festival, and after a bit of exploring, agreed that they should participate in the many events going on, to see if they could win some of the available prizes. Lander took interest in the drinking contest. Ellam, Sprig, and Cynthia took interest in the talent show. Cynthia and Deekin took interest in the combat tournament. And Magmar took interest in all of the potential marks that he could steal from. The party set about planning for and participating in the various events.

Lander was the first to compete in his event. The drinking contest began and nearly ended rather quickly for the rogue however, as within his first gulp, he choked, not realizing how potent the brew was. As he (along with a few other contestants) was evicted from the proceedings, the party managed to start a small riot among the crowded audience. With shouts of displeasure, the onlookers began to swear and shout that the competition was fixed, and called for a redo of the round. Acquiescing to the crowds demands, the drinking contest was started over, with all contestants who choked on their first go, having a retry. Unfortunately, Lander still found he didn’t have the stomach for whatever ale had been brought forth, and ended up doing a spit take in a large man’s face by the fourth round, disqualifying them both as the man drunkenly took a swing and a miss at Lander’s face.

While these events were going on, Magmar noticed that towards the back of the crowd, a wealthy looking man had his purse looped a little too far along the back of his belt. In his attempt to snatch the man’s purse, Magmar accidentally yanked the man back of his feet. Before the man could shout out in alarm, Magmar quickly decked him in the face, breaking the man’s nose and knocking him temporarily unconscious. Deciding now might be the best time to be an inconspicuous 7 foot tall Dragonborn in a settlement filled with Humans, Magmar darted off, hoping to get lost in the crowd.

With some time to spare, Ellam took the lead on planning out the talent that the party would display during the talent show. Despite their many magical objects and special skills, the group decided to focus more on their natural ability to lie and tell tales. Taking advantage of the fact that both Sprig and Cynthia could transform into cats, and that Deekin was a skilled musician, Ellam wrote a play about two lovelorn companions who had been cursed into taking on the form of cats, until their love was remade whole. With a short lived ceremony, Cynthia and Sprig were married, and wow’d the audience when they transformed back to Human and Gnome respectively. The competition of the talent show proved to be lacklustre at best, and the party was announced as the winner.

Finally, Cynthia and Deekin came together to compete in the combat tournament. They quickly and uneventfully managed to defeat both rounds of their opponents, though the second group did seem to be far tougher than the first group. Deekin, taking a page from Cynthia’s book, managed to discretely cast a spell that moved the battle in their favour, ending the fight far more quickly than would otherwise have occurred. Winning 2 of the 3 events, the party gathered together in order to claim their rewards.

At the closing ceremonies, the winners of each event were called to the stage. Cynthia claimed the Harvest Trophy for her role in the combat tournament, whereas Ellam claimed the Harvest Cloak for his role in the talent show. Lastly, the Harvest Tricorn was claimed by the drunk who won the drinking contest, however Magmar didn’t like the fact that his group didn’t win all 3 events. After failing to distract the drunk man, Magmar simply snatched the Harvest Tricorn off of the man’s head, and the party escaped the settlement with him. Guards began to give chase, but immediately stopped once they saw the party piling into Cynthia’s Battle Wagon. Unsurprisingly, the blood coated spikes had just enough of the intimidation factor, that the guards decided better of stopping our heroes. The party ensured in their wake that there was another place they could never return to.

The adventurers travelled through the night, and found themselves finally arriving at the city surrounding the Arcanum early evening the next day. Stopped at the gate, they were forced by the guards to have them bind all of their weapons with leather and rope, a law enforced within the city’s jurisdiction. Despite a few failed attempts by Magmar to hide his weapons (including hurling his magical shuriken into the woods, which very painfully noticeably returned to his hand afterwards), the party eventually headed into the confines of the large city, and made their way straight for the Arcane University, a large tower surrounded by tall walls at the city centre.

The Arcanum guard they met at this new wall, refused to let the group pass, requesting that they display the Arcanum token first. Sprig desperately checked her belongings, but realized that unfortunately, she must have lost it some time previously (memories of handing over all of her coins for 2 skitchboards plagued her thoughts). No matter, the party still had threats at their disposal, and those typically worked in their favour.

After failing to intimidate the guard however, who seemed to have the high ground both literally and figuratively, the party turned away, determined to find another way to get beyond the walls.


Inspiration (x2)
Harvest Trophy
Festival Pamphlet

Inspiration (x2)
Harvest Cloak
Festival Pamphlet

Inspiration (x1)
Thousands of Wealth
Red Coin
Heavy Lock
Participation Drinking Mug

Inspiration (x2)
Wedding Toga/Dress Thing
Festival Pamphlet

Inspiration (x1)
Harvest Tricorn/Fedora



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