The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 4

A "Twyst"ed Meeting


All too aware of his dwindling cache of Twyst, a highly addictive powdered narcotic, Lander, a human from the far city of North’s End, finally arrived at the abandoned Dwarven quarry. The location, or so he had been told, of the rare and necessary ingredients to make a near endless store of Twyst.

Searching about the quarry, and making his way further into the mine at its base, Lander finally came across the stores of long since untouched twystshroom and black rain moss. Gathering as much as he could hold in his sacks, Lander attempted to leave the mines depths when he finally came face to face with the boot of Iroh, a leader of a troupe of bandits. With a grin, Iroh greeted lander before blowing a handful of strange silvery powder into his face. Feeling almost immediately sleepy, Lander found himself falling backwards, off of a small overhang and into blissful unconsciousness.

Around this time, Elam and Cynthia both awoke, in their respective rooms. Elam, having shared a room with Milo and Jazzpaws, noticed immediately that his companions were missing, save for a few of their belongings. Leaving behind The belongings of Jazzpaws, and gathering what belonged to Milo, he left to meet up with Cynthia. After a bit of discussion and minor investigation, the two came to the realization that Jazzpaws left early in the morning, carrying an unaware Milo with him, their whereabouts unknown. Unsure of their next step, the two agreed to meet with Zayan leader, Master Pallas.

Master Pallas greeted the two warmly and thanked them for their assistance the previous night, by rewarding them with gifts for their efforts. Amidst their discussions, the two learned of a prophecy that may pertain to them, far beneath the depths of the monastery. They also learned that they weren’t the only ones to claim to have fallen out of the sky, that there had been reports of similar people stating the same thing far off in Norths End. Before Pallas could show the duo where they could hear more of the prophecy, Gorm entered into the pagoda, interrupting their meeting.

A light was seen lighting up the noon sky, coming from the direction of the old quarry. Believing it to be related to the two guests (or perhaps their missing companions) Gorm immediately came to inform the group. At Pallas’ request, the party agreed to go further investigate what may have caused the light, and were led to the quarry by a young halfling monk by the name of Fennick Flamefanny. Fennick led the party through the woods, and in the direction of the quarry.

When Lander awoke, all was not well. He found himself tightly bound, no longer in the mine, however now out in the open, on the bottommost level of the quarry. When the bandits noticed his awakening, one of them accidentally set off a Landers flare rod, a keepsake from his old mentor Hes, setting off a bright green flash in the sky. As Lander placed a taunting kiss square on the lips of one of the bandits when he leaned in close, the villainous group, enraged in a homophobic manner, wrapped a noose around Landers neck, using an old quarry pulley system. Struggling and managing to free his hands, Lander was hoisted into the air, where he began to fight to free himself of his strangulation.

Cynthia and Elam, led by Fennick emerged from the words to see a haunting sight. Before them a long since abandoned quarry. At it’s bottom, a gaggle of men (mostly human) stringing up and strangling another man by his neck. Wasting no time, the party leapt into action, rushing to save the stranger from his fate. A battle ensued in which the young Fennick was sliced in half from head to crotch, whereas Cynthia and Elam fought off the remaining intruders and helped Lander free himself. Some of the bandits, retreating to a cave, found themselves trapped when Cynthia, in Bear form, caved in the entrance, effectively ending any further attacks or trickery (despite Landers consternation). The party regrouped and introduced themselves to one another. Cynthia and Elam both learned that Lander was from Norths End (a city Pallas had mentioned briefly) whereas Lander learned the two had fallen from the sky and were of another realm.

After looting the bandits, and finding a magical bracelet which causes grass to cover their skin, the party returned to the Zayan Temple. Upon arriving back, they reported to Grom, Fennicks untimely demise. Grom told the party that death follows them like a disease, and asked that they leave the temple when their work with Pallas was done. The party returned to the wise, all-knowing Master Pallas, who had promised to show them a prophecy upon their return.


Inspiration (x1)
Wooden Zayan Amulet
Sickle of Sunlight

Inspiration (x1)
Black Rain Moss
Copper Zayan Amulet

Inspiration (x1)
Wooden Zayan Amulet
Milo’s Staff of BAAA!
Milo’s sack of Healing
Studded Shade Leather

Unsure of who grabbed the following:
Grass Bracelet
Flower Patterned Belt
3 pound bag of Radishes
3 Scimitars
2 Light Crossbows
Bag of Charcoal
Silk Rope



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