The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 7

The Minotaur's Maze


It was on the third day of their travels with Larry, when the unicorn stumbled, and fell into the river. The ring of nudity (which Cynthia had placed upon Larry’s horn while he slept) flew off, revealing to the immature Larry the prank that his newfound companions had played on him. Upset and hurt, he ran off, leaving the party alone beside the river. Nonplussed, the group continued onwards without the magical beast.

After travelling for two whole days, the party finally came across the first sign of active civilization since leaving the Zayan Monastery, a well-worn road, with a stone bridge crossing the river. After a bit of discussion, the group decided to head West, crossing over the bridge.

Night began to fall when the group noticed large footprints in the ground. Off in the distance, they made out a castle sitting atop a series of cliffs, with a narrow cliff bridge leading up to it. Wasting no time to satiate their curiosity, the group decided to stop at the castle, but not without a well thought-out plan. Elam used Milo’s Staff of BAAA! to summon sheep, and Cynthia used her Druidic powers to turn into a large, horse-sized goat.

The plan: To approach the castle inconspicuously.

Within it’s conception, the party’s plan was flawed, however they continued onwards, with Lander and Elam hiding among the cliffs while the Cynthia (as a large goat) and one of the summoned sheep, crossed the slick bridge to approach the castle. Unfortunately, while crossing, the sheep following Cynthia slipped, and fell off the bridge to it’s death. Cynthia, forgetting her plan to remain inconspicuous, started screaming at the top of her lungs.

Elam and Lander rushed off to aide Cynthia, and began crossing the bridge slowly with the remaining sheep. Cynthia continued onwards however, and nearly broke her leg attempting to kick open the large locked gate before her. As the rest of the party caught up, Cynthia realized that she had seen this castle somewhere before, and turned out her pack. After sifting through her belongings with her hooves, she found what she was looking for, a small square mirror, with the shape of the castle etched onto it’s back. Nudging it into a small indentation before the gate to the castle, the rest of the party arrived, surprise to see the gate suddenly opening of it’s own accord. The group entered together.

The party found themselves in a large open courtyard, with steps leading up to the castle doors. They explored their surroundings a bit, surprised to find that the entrance to the castle wasn’t protected by a door, but by a strange purple force field. Cynthia, still as a goat, charged towards the force field horns first, only to find that her collision was stopped as soon as she made contact (the impact seemingly non-existent). Within moments however, she found herself pulled through the purple force field against her control.

Now inside a large hallway within the castle, Cynthia tried to exit out of the entrance she had passed through, though was surprised to find that when she passed through the same force field, instead of being sent outside, she ended back up in the same hallway, at the same doorway. Pooping in the corner of the room, and screaming her head off, Cynthia failed to take note of the sound of heavy footsteps and chains dragging in the distance.

After waiting and watching Cynthia through the doorway a bit, and realizing that she couldn’t come back out, Elam decided to pass through the entrance as well, in an attempt to help his panicking companion. When he appeared in the hall, Cynthia immediately calmed down, in which they both suddenly heard the heavy footsteps and chains now coming their way. Reacting quickly, the Elam used magic in order to disillusion whatever creature was approaching them. A large minotaur with chains dragging from his arms and legs rounded a corner at the end of the hall, and for a moment, it seemed as if he didn’t see the two adventurers. However Cynthia in her panic, began to back away from Elam, causing the illusion to break. With a roar, the Minotaur began charging towards the two. Elam and Cynthia both leaped through two separate doorways at the same time, to avoid getting trampled.

Lander found himself outside exploring the courtyard further (noting that even the Windows far above seemed to be covered in a strange purple haze), however his interest was soon drawn back to the hallway his companions had gone through. Peering in, Lander could make out a foot quickly disappearing into a doorway, and a Minotaur charging towards him, though seemingly, the beast couldn’t see him as it stopped to inspect the door that one of his friends had gone through. Nocking an arrow, Lander attempted to attack the beast, however he found that the arrow couldn’t maintain it’s momentum when being shot through the doorway. Taking a deep breath, and waiting quietly for the Minotaur to move on, he followed after his companions.

The party quickly realized that the doors within the castle functioned as a maze, passing through one doorway would send them out of one in another location. Using this to their advantage, they deduced which doors would send them to another location in the same hallway, so that they could gain the upper hand on the Minotaur trolling it’s depths. Working together, the party managed to separate the Minotaur (quite literally) by throwing the chains attached to it’s arms and legs through different doorways, effectively ‘disarming’ the beast without much of a fight. After dismembering the Minotaur’s member (as well as it’s horns), and with Cynthia finding another relic of her past, the group decided to explore the castle further.

The party, through the trial and error of passing through doorways, eventually found that certain doors would lead into entirely new rooms. It wasn’t long before they found themselves in an ominously quiet room, with a pile of refuse at it’s centre. Elam stumbled, falling headfirst into the refuse pile, only to find bandages from within it’s depths wrapping themselves around him. Constricted, and unable to breathe freely, he began to feel a strange urge to attack his companions. Cynthia and Lander reacted quickly however, with Cynthia putting Elam into a bear hug with her wet shirt, while Lander attempted to light the refuse pile on fire. While the flames didn’t take, Elam was freed from his predicament, and the adventurers were surprised as the refuse pile swirled about to form the ghastly visage of a Mummy.

A furious battle began as the party attempted to beat down the hard-hitting undead beast. Though Cynthia took a few hard hits, the team managed to beat the beast back into the refuse pile it had emerged from, and quickly agreed to leave this room.

With only two doorways left, the group of adventurers agreed that a well earned rest was a necessity before continuing onwards.


Inspiration (x1)
Pink Floyd cassette tape
Book: Imbuing Life into Inanimate Objects
Book: The Art of Reanimation
Book: 1000 Magical Concoctions: A Potion Master’s Resource Guide
Book: Science: A Wizard’s Friend or Foe?

Inspiration (x1)
Minotaur Penis

Inspiration (x1)
Minotaur Horns



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