The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 8

Arrival at The Wayfarer's Inn


Having rested in a room in which they felt secure, the party awoke and readied themselves to explore the remainder of the castle they were trapped within.

The group made their way back to one of the rooms they had first passed through, but had not thoroughly explored. Entering strategically, the 3 adventurers found themselves in a large, dark room, with the sound of metallic clicking coming from somewhere in the shadows. It turned out that the strange noise belonged to a swarm of metallic looking beetles. At first cautious, the party readied themselves for battle, however it soon became apparent that the insects were not vicious.

The team found a small trove of treasures, and began to divide the spoils. Cynthia was the first to don a disgusting and smelly cloak. After a brief onslaught of hiccups, seemingly coming from nowhere, Cynthia suddenly found that she could fly through the air. Lander picked up a strange, Gnomish mask (which turned his entire body purple, but gave him the temporary ability to heal wounds), and Elam picked up a pair of cracked goggles and a strange, runed lantern (the former of which allowed him to detect magic within a limited range).

Cynthia befriended one of the metallic bugs, promptly squashed it, then returned to befriend a few more, deciding against callously killing innocent creatures this time around. Realizing that they only had one more door to pass through, the party continued through the castle.

After heading through the final door, the party was surprised to find that they were in some sort of laboratory with an old man hurrying about. The lab seemed to be filled with strange machinery that the group had never come across before. Jars and flasks filled with various potions, and body parts were also spread out around the room as well, adding an eerie atmosphere to the air. As Cynthia’s eyes passed over a glass-encased prism, the orb in her backpack began to vibrate and glow. Lander began to prepare to ambush the old man, however Elam took advantage of the moment to yell out loud instead, alerting the stranger to their presence.

A brief awkward moment presented itself as the old man, surprised, tried to bluff the party into relaxing in his presence, however the group was having none of it as they attacked in full. Lander delivered what appeared to be a near fatal blow to the old man, as an arrow pierced through the front of his face, however Cynthia, in her desire to obtain the encased prism, managed to wake up a large hulking monster strapped to an operating table. Breaking free of restraints, the real battle began.

Both Elam and Cynthia took heavy hits from the creature, nearly going down in the process. A quick move from Cynthia, which involved flinging an armful of unknown potions on to the monster, resulted in positive results as various effects seemed to diminish the beasts strength somewhat. Finally, the party managed to take him down, and finish off an unconscious old man. Lander rummaged through the old man’s person, and found a pin with the image of a skeletal raven, which brought back painful memories.

Gathering as many potions as they could carry, the party walked through the only remaining door in the laboratory, and found themselves free of the confines of the castle, at last. Agreeing that they should make haste, they exited the courtyard and began travelling along the road once more.

After nearly a full days travel, the party found themselves at the very crowded Wayfarer’s Inn, a humble inn and tavern located along the side of the road. With no town in near sight, they entered the inn with intent to rest and discuss their next move.

Cynthia and Lander decided to remain among the patrons, playing games, and having an overall fun time. As the night went on however, they concocted plan to rob a friendly merchant of his enchanted underpants. Cynthia also managed to pick up a new follower, a Kobold by the name of Deekin. Elam on the other hand, returned promptly to his room, where he decided to test out the runed lantern he had found. After lighting the oil within, and pouring the lit flames on to the ground, Elam found that he was able to summon forth a stone wall from the oil. He exclaimed his surprise out loud, but found that he could now only speak in rhyme.

Lander and Cynthia returned to the room, and began to fill Elam on their plan to burgle Jim Morrison.


Inspiration (x1)
Electrical Prism
Cloak of Natural Gasses

Inspiration (x1)
Crumbling Gnome Mask
Skeletal Raven Pin

Inspiration (x2)
Cracked Magical Detection Goggles
Runed Dragon Lantern

Potion of Healing
Potion of Greater Healing (x2)
Restorative Ointment
Potion of Frost Giant Strength (x2)
Potion of Necrotic Resistance (x3)
Potion of Poison Resistance (x2)
Potion of Mind Reading
Alchemical Fire
Potion of Speed
Potion of Climbing (x2)
Potion of Clairvoyance
Acid Flask (x2)
Potion of Feather Fall



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