The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 2

Friends of Goblins and Breakers of Bridges


Having arrived at a long and decrepit looking rope bridge, the party began to discuss the safest way to cross, to ensure that they wouldn’t plummet to their deaths. While Cynthia attempted to figure out a way to fashion a harness, Jazzpaws, throwing caution to the wind, simply raced across the bridge at full speed, managing to safely make it across.

Emboldened by Jazzpaws’ success, the rest of the party began to cross together, albeit a bit more cautiously. Midway through their crossing, Anju, having lost his footing and nearly falling to his death, accidentally bumped the young Jenner off of the side of the bridge. In an attempt to save the child from certain death, Cynthia tossed a looped rope, managing to only snare the boy’s neck, causing it to snap as if hung from a noose. Milo, trying to save Anju from slipping off the bridge, leapt along the wooden planks, his landing causing one side of the bridge to finally snap. Gripping on to the remainder of the bridge, Cynthia, Milo, and Anju found themselves dangling above a drop that would surely mean death.

After a bit of struggle, the three worked together to climb their way back up the bridge, and to the cliff summit, where Jazzpaws waited unhelpfully. Passing a moment of silence for Jenner, and recollecting themselves, the party continued onwards, towards the Zayan Monastery.

Having finally arrived on the main road, and with the Zayan Monastery not far off in the distance, the party came to a halt when they spotted a locked wagon, being escorted by men with strange smiles. After being denied answers to their questions, the party attacked the men and attempted to besiege them. They dispatched the men on foot, and then began to chase after the wagon, with Jazzpaws being dragged face first by a horse. An injured Milo hung from the edge of the wagon while fending off it’s driver. A quick thinking Cynthia aimed for the wheels of the wagon, successfully destroying them and causing the wagon to crash, impaling the driver on a nearby tree.

The party questioned the driver as life slowly faded from him, learning that he is a Goblin slave trader. Opening the back of the wagon, Jazzpaws befriended three Goblins (as the only inherent speaker of their language). He convinced the Goblins to finish off the slave trader, and to return home. The Goblins happily obliged, before bowing to Jazzpaws and bestowing upon him the title, “Friend of the Goblins”. The party then finally made their way to the Zayan Monastery.

Anju arrived to a warm welcome, and introduced the party to his temple. Grom, the courtyard overseer, greeted the group and showed them around, before eventually beckoning for Anju to report on all that had happened to their temple’s Master. Meanwhile, the party met with Jim Morrison, and began browsing his wares while purchasing some magical goods.

Soon, the time for supper arrived. Jazzpaws, uninterested, layed down to sleep in the courtyard, while Cynthia and Milo were led to the canteen. Cynthia, testing out her new flame resistant shirt, crawled into a hearth and burned away her pants, parading inappropriately naked around the Acolyte’s dinner tables. After finishing their meals, Milo and Cynthia were then led separately to their quarters.

The party’s rest was short lived as they were all awakened by a loud booming noise from outside the monastery gates. A crescendo of howling and shrieking filled the night air as the courtyard began to fill with curious faces. More booming noises pounded against the large wooden doors, and a loud cracking noise was heard.


1) Light Crossbow +1
2) Enchanted Backpack

1) Wand of Web – 7 charges
2) Horse

1) Wet Shirt
2) Throwing Dagger of Subtle Return



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