The Adventures of BearTunnel Cave

Session 3

The Siege on Holy Grounds


Ellam Goldnight’s last memory was one of pain. Searing agony roused him from a deep slumber, and he found himself bound by shadows, their mere touch causing his body to ache. However, his abrupt recovery seemed to surprise the shadowy tendrils which had entangled his body, causing them to lose their grip and allowing Ellam to escape their painful grasp. Being pulled almost against his will, Ellam found himself hurtling towards a bright light, the agonizing shadows in tow.

The party awoke suddenly as screeching and howling filled the night sky, and an earth-shattering booming resonated from outside the Zayan monastery walls. Wasting little time, Milo made his way to the courtyard, alongside many young ascetics, to investigate what was happening. Jazzpaws, seeing an opportunity to be useful, promptly made his way further into the temple in order to avoid any responsibility.

Cynthia, deciding that she had had enough adventure for the day, lazed in her tub, wistfully hoping that whatever problems that seemed to be coming forth would all go away on their own, but her reprieve was short lived. Anju, worried for his brothers, burst into Cynthia’s quarters, begging for her help in his strange, philosophical speech. With a resigned sigh, Cynthia quickly dressed, and joined Milo in the courtyard, passing a curious looking Jazzpaws on the way.

Now together on the monastery grounds, Cynthia and Milo decided to climb atop the walls surrounding the temple, in order to obtain a better look on what seemed to be causing such a commotion. Taking note of the swirling ethereal nature of the sky, the two peered over the wall’s edge and were shocked to see dozens of demonic Dretch and Darkmantle in the woods, their attention drawn to breaking down the gate to the temple. While the two briefly discussed abandoning the monks and Jazzpaws to their fates, large boulders began crashing into the wall and the gate, finally bursting the doors to the courtyard open, allowing the creatures to storm inside.

Initially, Cynthia and Milo waited atop the wall, hoping to go unnoticed, and watching as the young monks defended themselves from the demons. As the young were slain in battle however, some of the flying Darkmantle saw the two, and charged forth. Defending themselves, the party made quick work of the creatures, and the monks managed to drive off the remaining demons, quickly closing and reinforcing the doors to the monastery. While Cynthia and Milo discussed their next course of action, the wind began to whip around crazily, and a hole opened up in the sky.

Shimmering forth, bathed in a halo of white light, Ellam appeared in the sky, promptly plummeting head first towards the ground. Some of the monks, acting quickly, started to push a cart full of hay to break the elf’s fall, however, slightly overshooting their mark, they only managed in softening his still painful landing. One of the young monks, helped up the injured Ellam, and led him over to a bushel of vegetables which, when consumed, seem to heal all injuries he had sustained. Wasting no time to stay and speak, the monk rushed off to help in reinforcing the gate from further attack. Cynthia and Milo, interested in this new arrival, made their way over to Ellam, to introduce themselves.

While stealing some of the monk’s reserves of healing corn, and not helping the Zayan monks in any way to protect against further attack, the party found out quickly that Ellam knew of their home, and was from the same land that they too were from. While discussions were held (with Ellam trying to reinforce morality upon the party), Jazzpaws, now covered in soot and burn marks, returned to the courtyard, ignoring his companions and crawling under a nearby cart. Shortly after, demons began banging on the gates once again.

Milo, having recalled the “Staff of BAAAAA” he had picked up from the corpse of a Sheepmancer back in his own land, pulled out his magical staff and bellowed a confident “BAAAAAAAA”, summoning forth 3 sheep to help fend off the coming onslaught of demons. He ordered the sheep to stand before the gate, however the 3 sheep couldn’t hold their ground against the might of an Ogre and a team of demons, who managed to burst open the doors. The sheep flew through the air, 1 breaking it’s neck on impact, and 2 landing safely near their new master.

The party fought doggedly with the demons as they besieged the Zayan monastery, surprised to see the sheep tearing into the flesh of the Dretch surrounding them. Though they took down many of the lesser demons, and force fed their remaining sheep alcohol, the party saw immediately that the true threat was the large Ogre slowly hewing down monk after monk. Cynthia, (now in Bear form) began to push a cart filled with hay towards the Ogre, while Ellam (and Jazzpaws to a lesser extent) continued picking off the Dretch that stormed the grounds. Milo, wielding a torch and wand, waited for Cynthia to hurl her cart full of hay at the beast, before coating it in a magical web, and setting it aflame. The party (sans Jazzpaws), worked together to defeat the Ogre, though they could only stare in horror as more of the demons rushed into the courtyard not long after.

Skidding to a halt, the demons all froze in place, staring up into the sky, twittering and howling excitedly. Shadows began to meld together above the temple, and all trace of moonlight disappeared behind another strange hole opening above. Though instead of a helpful figure, bathed in a reassuring white light, there was nothing but a black maw, with a deep and dark growling coming deep from within. Around them, the lifeless bodies of monk and demon alike began to float slowly off of the ground, being pulled upwards, into the strange hole.

As the party watched the strange occurrence above, Cynthia’s pack began to glow, a bright amber colour. Opening her pack, the amber orb that she had found near Revlon’s lifeless body floated before her. The party stared in awe as a beam of golden light shot forth, from the orb, and into the ominous black hole. The deep growling began to howl in agony, and the demonic beasts around them began to shriek in anger and fear. The hole closed in of itself, and the orb fell lifeless back into Cynthia’s hands. The demons around them scuttled off, and the bodies that had been floating in the sky, began to plummet back to the ground (one of them landing on Cynthia).

The siege from the demonic entities seemingly over, the party began to recollect themselves, and assist the remaining monks in tending to their wounded and dead.


Everyone is now level 4!

Inspiration (x1)

Inspiration (x1)
Corn of Revitalization (x6)

Inspiration (x1)

Dretch corpse (x3)



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